Parameters / Prediction

  • If I move the error models parameters in the interface, nothing changes. Why? This is normal. Mlxplore does not manage error models as Mlxplore focuses on predictions. Thus, if an error model is defined, the slider for the parameter can appear but will have no impact on the prediction results.

Graphics / Axis

  • When I check the log y axes, an error window pops us and the axis labels of the figure are not displayed correctly. I get all zeros instead of 10^-1, 10^-2 etc. What’s going on? Read the answer here.

Graphics / IIV

  • When I activate the iiv, the graphics do not display all times. Why? When the iiv is activated, draws for the covariates and/or the individual parameters are done. This can load to NaN values in the simulations for some time points. Check the warnings in the status windows. To avoid the problem, you can add saturations for example before power calculation, logarithm calculation, …
  • When I check the covariate/random effect tickbox in the iiv, nothing happens. Why? When the iiv is activated (for either the individual parameters and/or the covariates), samples from the associated distribution are used. If no distribution is defined, all simulations are done with the same (population) parameters, and lead to the same prediction. This is for instance the case for covariates iiv when you export a project from Monolix. For simulation purpose in Mlxplore, the exported project takes the mean value of the covariate of the data set and set this value for Mlxplore (unique value without a distribution). You can edit your model file via the editor to add a distribution for the covariates.

Project loading

  • I get an error “Load file … error” while loading a project. What can I do? If in the “Errors” tab of Mlxplore, the error is “Parse not ended”, check if your dataset file contains only allowed characters.
  • I get an error “Cannot load project : parse errors” while opening Mlxplore form Monolix. What can I do? The error may be due to unallowed characters in your dataset file. Check allowed characters here.

Running a project

  • I get an error “Running model error !” while running a loaded project. If in the “Errors” tab of Mlxplore, the error is “Parse not ended”, check if your dataset file contains only allowed characters.
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