TMDD model exploration with Mlxplore

TMDD models exhibit a characteristic concentration-time profile. Each parameter of the model has a precise impact that we can visualize using Mlxplore. This knowledge helps to determine which parameter are identifiable depending on the data set.

For a more detailed presentation of the TMDD library available in Monolix, see the dedicated documentation page.


An Mlxplore project allowing to explore simultaneously the behavior of the seven TMDD models from the library is available here. Uncomment the lines in the sections <OUTPUT> and <RESULTS> to switch from L to other entities. Uncomment the lines in section <DESIGN> to compare the impact of several dose amounts. Set k12=0 to explore the behavior of a one compartment model. Note that a saturation at 1e-6 was added for some models to avoid infinitely small values in the one compartment case. In the “graphic” tab, in section “Axes”, you can choose between linear or log scale. To change the type of administration, you can adapt the depot macro, add the additional parameter(s) to the input list and give a reference parameter value in the <PARAMETER> section.