How to define the settings for the simulations?


The graphics settings can be defined via the GUI, but most of them can also be defined in the project file, in the <SETTINGS> section. This is interesting for advanced users to pre-set the graphics.


To pre-define the activation/deactivation of the iiv sections, the user can define it in a section <SETTINGS> and a subsection [GRAPHICS]. For that, two keywords are used iiv_parameter and iiv_covariate. By setting them at true or false, you can directly define if the iiv computations should be performed when running the project. In Mlxtran, activating both of them writes:

iiv_parameter = true
iiv_covariate = true

If no covariate is used in the model, and the setting is iiv_covariate=true, then obviously no drawing of the covariate is made and the checkbox in the user interface is grayed. The same is done for the individual parameters.


To pre-define the values in the percentile tab, the user can define it in a section [GRAPHICS]. For that, three keywords are used: pred_interval, nb_band and nb_simulations for the level, the number of bands and the number of simulations respectively. In Mlxtran, defining 8 bands, a level of 90 with 200 simulations writes

nb_simulations = 200
nb_band = 8
pred_interval = 90